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"The author has done a fabulous job developing the characters in this series. When I first started reading " Through the portal", I was unsure I'd be able to read through the book, but by the third chapter, I was drawn into the the story, completely. Plot takes quite a few twists and turns, as I like, and now that I just finished reading " Beyond the Darkness" I'm having to wait, yet again for the next book to be released. The books still need a little bit of editing yet but are very easy to read and will keep you up later than you were expecting.
Very interesting story line, great plots and many characters I can easily imagine. Congratulations to Ms. Wright for being able to transfer to writing, the fantasy world of this series. Thank you Jessica." 

Marc (Guardians of Mirra)

"Honestly I thought that I wasn’t going to be into the book, but I was proven very wrong! Absolutely LOVE the book! Can’t wait for Books 2&3!"

Tatiana Argueta (Guardians of Mirra)

"Such a great read. Easy to see the world of Mirra in your mind while reading it. Super fun adventure, can't wait for book 2."

Amanda Tweed (Guardians of Mirra)

"I was hooked from the first chapter! Exciting read and you never know what will happen next. The characters are great and a few remind me of my own kids (I won't say which ones in case they read this). It reminds me of Harry Potter in the way it reads. I would recommend for any age. Can't wait for the sequel!"

Rebecca Morgan (Guardians of Mirra)

“Ever since I was a kid, I have been obessed with mermaids. This novel is about a young girl who gets to live most little girls fantasy of being a mermaid. Of course things and people are not always what they seem, but this author makes you care about the characters, as if you are in the story. I loved the idea of a "underwater actress" getting the chance to be come a real live mermaid. There are other supernatural creatures in this novel, but if you are like me, you love Aria, and the rest of her friends”

Leah Ashton (Tails)

"Tails is a wonderful story that blends fantasy and reality in a believable and exciting way! Come and read a tale about fighting for a just cause, and discovering that magic exists whenever we follow our dreams. So long as we believe in ourselves , and in the power of friendship, that is."

Tiffany Baker (Tails)

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